Sunday, February 23, 2014


If that's the S** you a re looking for, then you are into a big place which do regulatory works and  look after the health-check of companies.  They hold secrets of corporate sickness,  marriages and divorce. I said marriage referring to the corporate "merger" and acquisitions  game.  The S** understands integrity well, and can pin point where are the loopholes. The corporate dirty game, arm twisting is nothing new, in fact very universal....

I am not too sure which area you are looking for...., market research, corporate management issues, integrity, malpractices, inside jobs?..... or just CORPORATE TRAINING issues?

S** would exert directives to ensure clean healthy business environment... healthy business climate. Business people on the other hand can be very smart, creative, beating around rules and regulations......, huh.  It's bread and butter of business people....

and I do have friends there..... 

Za, so you wish to stay long in current portfolio?.... hehe, honestly you really look alright, very talented, very  pleasant (... :) ), and above all you have that exquisite professional demeanour ..... hmmm.  Kerja x boleh lembab-lembab tau...... hehe.


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