Monday, December 09, 2013

Top-down and Bottom-up, where do we balance the two.

I wouldn't dare to describe the two
in it's whiteness and blackness
and be precise at the same time
which on to use.

I would rather look at the two
as being dependant, very much inclusive
and the two exist in some sort of pendulum
being able to sway up and down
very cyclic, very harmonic.

There are times when things had to be very tight
it's a clear top-down manoeuvre
when the chance appear that requires immediate grab
when there is no seconds to be wasted.

And we fully understand about ideas coming from them
energizing their thinking skills and teamwork
creating some sort of loyalty
greasing the teamwork for better performance.

On hindsight, after years of involvement
where progress and profit matters
we do blend the two somehow
like  melody to the song
like rainbow on the sky

and the ability to switch and sway
over the two approaches
is very much experiential

My dear, their inclusive existence
is a matter of options
and we can never go wrong
if the awareness about potentials and pitfalls
is well rooted.

..... dienn.

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